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 4x4 Casablanca hire company!

We strongly believe that “Everyone needs an adventure”. Take a vehicle 4Wheel drive from  Casablanca 4x4 Rentals and you open the doorway to that adventure.

Our clients are people who want to do things differently from all the other travellers. At TONUS Morocco 4WD we have no restriction on where you can go. And we pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable and versatile vehicles to tackle all types of Morocan terrain.


4x4 Casablanca Moroccan 4WD Hire have Full Comprehensive Insurance on all of our cars and we allow you to travel on unsealed roads as long as they are on Morocco MAPS. We specialise in 4WD Vehicles that are able to go where you want to go and where most other companies would not allow you to be. From the Merzouga to Zagora , From Marrakech  to South Sahara , places like Ouarzazate , Mhamid Disert , Saghro , Tazarine, Tazarine , Dades River , National parks Massa and walidiya  Parks as well as Dakhla  and Laayoun , we want you to take time to enjoy this magnificent country.

No limit on kilometres. Why put a limit on something that is fun?

Casablanca 4x4  Morocco 4WD Hire is 100% Moroccan owned and operated. We have Agencies in Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech, Ouarzazate and for your convenience we have locations in every major airport in Morocco.

Casablanca 4x4 Morocco 4WD Hire provides only current models of Toyota, Nissan, Hummer and Jeep range of vehicles, petrol or diesel, manual, from 5 to 9 seaters.

Four Wheel Driving is a very popular type of recreation in Morocco  for both visitors and locals. This country really has it all, for tourists and 4WD enthusiast. Remote outback roads, rough terrain, long white beaches that go on forever, well maintained highways to get you where you are going and a multitude of great camping spots.





The dream within reach. The Sahara desert in 4WD,images full head and adventure in expression. Here is what our agency 
4WD Casablanca rental offers during your stay in Morocco. With or without driver, from Agadir 4WD, Casablanca 4WD, Marrakech 4WD  
by Ouarzazate 4WD , Agadir4WD  and southern Morocco 4WD , you will discover at the wheel of a Toyota 4WD or a 4WD Nissan Patrol and a unique magic that nature has arisen in this country to unsuspected



 4wd rental services at Agadir ,  4wd hire in Agadir


4x4 Nissan Patrol  Modèle 2008

Chemins de montagne, passage de gués...le 4x4 patrol peut vous emmener au bout du monde dans un confort absolu.

Le 4x4 Patrol fait partie de ces rares véhicules 4x4  dont la qualité et les capacités ont assuré  une carrière de plusieurs dizaines d'années ... plus d'un demi-siècle en l'occurrence. 
 Massif et imposant, le Patrol 4x4 ne fait pas dans la dentell

4x4 plus 30 j de 21 à 29 de 11 à 20 j de 4 à 10 J
NISSAN GRAND PATROL SAHARA contact us 80 Euro HT* 85 Euro HT* 90 euro HT*
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER contact us  80 Euro HT* 85 Euro HT* 90 euro HT*


                                 * VAT: 20%


Special Offers

JANUARY 05 to 28 FEBRUARY 2011

PROMOTION Car rental &  4x4  Rental CASABLANCA

Looking for a promotion for your 4WD  rental car? Our website can offer a regular 4 WD  promoting more competitive?
After selecting your destination, find the promotion of 4x4 rentals in Casablanca, Marrakech or Agadir, Taroudant, Essaouira, Ouarzazate ..... you will find online promotion of the better 4WD.
In addition to promoting rental 4WD  negotiated and guaranteed, we do benefit from competitive rates.

(4x4 TOYOTA PRADO )    (4x4 Nissan Patrol 9seaters.)

Toyota Prado

96 € all taxes included / DAYS

Request a quote or Reservation

Nissan Patrol

96 € all taxes included / DAYS

 Request a quote or Reservation



     Tonus  Car rental agency  in Morocco, Headquarters: Rue Ben Khaldoun n° 3 Q.I.  8000 Agadir Pat: 48159546

                 Mobil : 00212 6 61418500  Mobil


Tonus Cars  currently has four branches in Morocco, present in four of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Kingdom, Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat and Casablanca:



Our Rates


are expressed in Euros per day with all inclusive (all risk insurance + unlimited mileage)
The VAT is 20% included

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